The Midterm Elections: Are We Safe Now?

As you might have guessed, my answer to the title question is NO! Due to the results of the midterm elections the dangers I have described in my earlier blog (Be Afraid…) have been decreased for at least two years. After two years, however, then what?

I would like to think that the Republican takeover in Congress was the result of the people paying more attention to what Obama is really about and registering their disapproval. Unfortunately, according to one source , 80% of the voters were voting because of dissatisfaction with the economy. What happened to the outrage against health care seen at the town hall meetings; or the concerns of Obama’s socialistic agenda; or the out-of-control increase in the deficit; or the fact that representatives are not voting according to the clear will of the people? Apparently, only about 20% of the voters were concerned over those issues on November 2. As before, the people voted based on the size of their own paycheck.

Please don’t misunderstand! The economy IS important! Very important! However, I have seen no universal agreement among economists as to how to improve it. I’m convinced that the economy will improve regardless of who is in office since we have always pulled out of recessions and depressions in the past. But for all the problems with Obama and the Democrats, I believe they both are sincere in trying the get this country out of its recession. After all, it would be to their advantage to so. The sad part is, if this inevitable recovery had occurred during the past two years, the people would have given this administration credit, however unjustified that may have been, and all the incumbents would have been reelected. In short, the more serious danger I described earlier would have still existed.

To sum up, until the American citizens see Obama for what he is the observed march toward becoming a banana republic has not been stopped; only delayed.


About Dick Medary

In Missouri, I live in the 5th District. My Senators are Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskil and my representative is Emanual Cleaver. I have written letters to all 3 a few times and they appear on They are identified, not by my name, but by the city from which they originate, which is Independence, MO. Reading these letters will give you an idea where I stand, in addition to what you read from my blog(s).
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