“Words have Consequences” Doesn’t Apply to Liberals

When I first started this blog with the post “Be Afraid….Be Very Afraid” I wrote about everything I could see wrong with Obama and the Democrats. What could I say after that? I covered it all. To keep this blog active I am told I have to keep posting on a regular basis. When you have covered everything in your first post, what could you possibly cover subsequently? I struggled to come up with material on the last 4 posts that is not simply a repeat of my first post. I am obviously not a column writer who can do this on a weekly basis. Then the answer came to me. Watch msnbc and Chris Matthews. The amount of material there to refute is seemingly endless. The 90+% bias and irresponsible and/or factually baseless statements abound. I have material I can use here for years. Now I have only two problems: (1) finding the time to cover it all; and (2) fighting the nausea brought on by the daily dose of msnbc.

I can first talk about Matthews’ interview on January 12 with David Brock , an obvious “yes” man for msnbc. This interview was certainly conducted before Obama’s speech in Tuscon. Judging from the statements Matthews continuously makes about Palin on this and other interviews and editorials, he seems to be obsessed with discrediting her. One example, and there are many, he tries to find a problem with Palin’s statement: “When we take up our arms, we’re talking about our vote”. How could Matthews have a prominent position as a commentator and not understand that??? His worst criticism is that she (in his opinion) talks too much about guns. Well, I have an opinion about that too. If the far left would stop trying to ban guns from law-abiding citizens, maybe the right would not talk about guns as often. 

But the real show-stopper in this interview was when David Brock stated: “Glenn Beck is RESPONSIBLE [emphasis added] for three thwarted assassination attempts…”. This is exactly the type of irresponsible statement that started this Tuscon shooting political firestorm. As far as I’m concerned, Brock should be sued not only for libel, but for endangering Beck’s life. Ron Reagan then went on to say in this same interview that words have consequences (referring to Palin). In light of what Brock said, this obviously applies only to Republicans and Sarah Palin and not to msnbc.

We all certainly hope that words have consequences. Campaign speeches count on that. Debates count on that. Also lectures, conversations, etc. count on that. If we were to stifle what we say because a deranged person would take it the wrong way, we would have to say nothing. Even the liberal Michael Kinsley said: “you can’t run a democracy with people biting their tongue for fear of flipping some switch in the brain of a nutcase” . Good job at least on that one Michael.




About Dick Medary

In Missouri, I live in the 5th District. My Senators are Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskil and my representative is Emanual Cleaver. I have written letters to all 3 a few times and they appear on http://www.congress.org. They are identified, not by my name, but by the city from which they originate, which is Independence, MO. Reading these letters will give you an idea where I stand, in addition to what you read from my blog(s).
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