Michelle Bachmann 1,Chis Matthews 0

This is my second post about my criticisms of Chris Matthews, host of Hardball on MSNBC. Since he represents the views of the far left I thought I would focus on him for awhile. As I said in my last post, I have a lot of material here. In an episode aired on January 25  he is trying to find fault with Michelle Bachmann (R-Wisconsin). He seems to believe he has a valid gripe if he can furiously ask a question and immediately interrupt his guest before he or she can give an answer to any question. His guest (opponent) this time was Sal Russo, chairman of the tea party express. I don’t think Mr. Russo could finish two complete sentences during the entire interview.

Ms. Bachmann stated in the video clip shown on the interview that the founding fathers who wrote the documents worked tirelessly to abolish slavery. Matthews then states that that was not what the history of this Nation was founded on and that Ms. Bachmann was a “bubblehead”.

Ms. Bachmann did not say anything that wasn’t true.   The founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Oliver Ellsworth (who attended the constitutional convention although he actually didn’t sign the constitution) spoke out against slavery even though most of them owned slaves at the time.  John Quincy Adams to which Ms. Bachmann referred,  did indeed work tirelessly to abolish slavery . This is found in “Memoirs of John Quincy Adams, Comprising Portions of his Diary from 1795 to 1848”, Vol. 5, Charles Francis Adams, ed., 1875, pp. 4-12. He also proposed a bill in 1839 to abolish the domestic slave trade.

Matthews then condescendingly asked Russo if he needed to see the video again. Russo should have said yes, but for Matthews’s sake only.


About Dick Medary

In Missouri, I live in the 5th District. My Senators are Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskil and my representative is Emanual Cleaver. I have written letters to all 3 a few times and they appear on http://www.congress.org. They are identified, not by my name, but by the city from which they originate, which is Independence, MO. Reading these letters will give you an idea where I stand, in addition to what you read from my blog(s).
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